Native Russian, born and raised in Moscow, Alla Boldina is majorly a self-taught and self-trained artist. Influenced by such abstract painters as Kandinsky, Kline, Richter, and Gorky, she developed her own style of painting that incorporates mixed media, found objects, and multi-layered experimentation with color and texture. In her expressive abstraction, the emotional and the philosophical merge to invite the viewers on a journey, a dialogue about existence, human condition, and transformation.
After receiving her Ph.D. in literature and philosophy and after years of college teaching, Alla Boldina finally decided to pursue her long-lasting fascination with art and artistic exploration that eventually led her to art as vocation and a professional career. As an existentialist and a conceptual painter, she incorporates her own life changes and philisophical realizations into her creative and artistic manifestations, sometimes as a social commentary, sometimes as an analytical questioning, but always as an honest and direct pondering.